Drivers Orientation – Uganda

Young Drivers at Orientation Workshop – Kampala, Uganda

Right Engine Oil for Right Car can save you! General Petroleum Uganda supported an orientation and awareness workshop for young drivers in Kampala, Uganda. Honorable Minister of Transport Mr. Aggrey Henry Bagiire addressed the participants.“Supporting awareness workshop for young drivers was very valuable and I am sure they learn a lot from this workshop. This Workshop was very productive and helped in understanding the risks they face and the skills they need when using lubricants for their respective vehicles. In addition, it will help the other fellow drivers in the identification of new ways to reduce risk.” Aggrey Henry Bagiire, said,“Using the right engine oil into a diesel engine will increase durability and functionality on the road. Heavy duty diesel engine oil is designed to be used only in heavy trucks, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, man Trailers, Fuso, and Excavators while the light duty engine oil is recommended for light duty engines like cars, jeep, minibus, heavy trucks and the small Pickup .” Mr. Salman, the quality manager of General Petroleum Uganda said. Both heavy duty engine oil and light duty engine oil are designed in the multigrade formula to fit for all condition. Both heavy duty engine oil and light duty engine oil are designed to fit specific mods of cars.”

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