Dash Board Protectant

GP Dash Board Protactant the interior of your car is constantly exposed to dust, sunlight, heat and over time the interior parts made of plastic, rubber, or vinyl-like dashboard or seats will become discolored and could dry out or crack if not treated properly.

  • Non-greasy residue free formula
  • Safe for all vehicles surfaces
  • UV-A & UV-B Protection


Spray product onto a clean microfiber towel (preferred) or soft 100% cotton cloth. Wipe surfaces that are cool to touch. Turn to a dry portion of towel and wipe surface dry.


Aqua, Poly hydric alcohol, acrylic co polymer, Silicon oils esterquats, anti-oxidants, preservatives perfume and colorant.

Specification and Appearance

Color : Colorless or White

Specific Gravity : 1.000_0.01

Solubility : Soluble in Water