Engine Oil Treatment

Oil Treatment is a multi functional high performance additive for reducing friction and wear and stabilizing viscosity. It protects engine oil against viscosity loss even under the harshest conditions and protects the engine against wear. Oil Treatment is based on the latest additive technology and is compatible with all synthetic and mineral engine oils.



Improves the viscosity/temperature relationship of engine oils by reducing the decline in viscosity which increasing temperature. Statistics all the strict performance standards required for today’s multipurpose engine oils. Stab-ilizes and corrects for the decrease in viscosity of the engine oils. Improves the lubrication action of the engine oil, reduces friction and therefore contributes to a longer engine service life. Fully compatible with all commercially available engine oils.


For all gasoline and diesel engines in new and used cars. Can contents (300 ml) is sufficient for maximum 5 litre of engine oil. After adding to the engine oil, allow the engine to run warm. The product can be added at any time.