Wax & Wash

GP Wash & Wax is developed using the most advanced technologies available. Our blend of cleaning agents & surface lubricants contains real carnauba.

  • Delivers incredible shine
  • Gently lifts away dirt that causes scratches and swirls
  • Creates a water beading effect on your paint
  • Delivers a deep & radiant shine as you wash


  • Apply on a cool car, in the shade to avoid direct sunlight leading to spotting.
  • Remove any dust on the car using soft brush or lint free cloth.
  • Spray the GP Wash & Wax on to the surface of the car
  • Dry immediately with a microfiber cloth, perfectly by cleaning in one direction
  • Wait for 10 minutes & spray te product on the surface of the car
  • Use a microfiber cloth in wavy or circular motion to polish the surface of the car to give a waxy coating & glossy finish to your car.


Aqua, mineral oil, cationic surfactants, Ethoxylated amines and Ethoxylated glycols, D$C colorant & perfume.