GP DEOGEN Synthetic 5W-30 CK-4

DEOGEN Synthetic 5W-30 CK-4 is an advanced synthetic heavy duty diesel engine oil that is specifically engineered to deliver longer useful oil life. It is suitable for use in high speed 4-stroke diesel engines and is compatible with diesel engines fitted with EGR and the latest exhaust after treatment systems such as; DPF, DOC and/or SCR. Formulated with the latest additive and synthetic base oil technology, DEOGEN Synthetic 5W30 exceeds the higher performance demands of modern engines. It is compatible with all exhaust treatment devices and have fuel economy performance.

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GP DEOGEN SYNTHETIC 5W30 CK-4 meets and exceeds the following Industry Specifications:

API CK-4/SN Plus
Cummins CES 20086
DDC DFS 93K222
Deutz DQC IV-18 LA
Mack EOS-4.5
MB-Approval 228.51
Volvo VDS-4.5


Modern trucks use new technologies to make as much as 30% higher torque, but this also means higher engine temperatures and pressures. This punishes the oil, pushing it closer to breakdown, and reducing its useful life and ability to extend drains. GP DEOGEN SYNTHETIC 5W30 CK-4 has been proven to safely extend drain intervals. Formulated with up to 45% extra performance reserve, System Pro technology fights oil breakdown by:
Combating oxidation and deposits.
Neutralizing harmful acids.
Controlling oil aeration.
Adapting to increased temperatures, resisting viscosity loss through shear.

GP DEOGEN SYNTHETIC 5W-30 CK-4 delivers proven cold start benefits to help prevent engine damage, reduce no-starts, improve battery & starter life.

Sr. No Characteristics
1 Appearance B & C
2 CCS Viscosity(mPa.s)-30 5565
3 Color L 3.0
4 Density @ 15 C,G/ml 0.852
5 Viscosity @ 40°c, cst 72
6 Viscosity @ 100°c, cst 12
7 Viscosity Index 165
8 Flash Point, COC, °C 220
9 Pour Point, °C -42
10 TBN mg KOH/gm 12.0


Commercial road transport, including the latest engines fitted with exhaust cleanup devices of all       types.
Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline engines, and both old and new equipment.
Stop-and-go vehicles in high soot loading service such as buses and waste collection trucks.
Most modern off-highway engines including those adapted for current and future emissions.   standards.