Stay Home ! Save Lives

GP & Covid 19

GP Management meet through the conference call on the current situation of Covid 19 which break through out the world. GP management has taken following steps.

  • It has been decided that in all sites of GP working hours will be reduced for the Staff from 8 hrs to 6 hrs per day.
  • All production facilities will work in shifts and production team will make sure that minimun labours will present in single shift.
  • Work from home has been assigned to the Staff where it is possible.
  • Alternative working days will be provided to staff to minimise the gathering of people in office.
  • All office staff provided with Mask & sanitizer.
  • All visitors to the office and plant should be check for temperature.
  • All visitor should first come to reception area and should be sanitized with Antibacterial sanitizers.


Corporate Social Responsibility is the essential part of General Petroleum’s culture. We feel that it is important to act responsively and #contribute towards the needs of our countrymen in this hour of trial. GP has assigned it’s professionally trained staff, who are very well versed with the hygiene and other things related to prevention from #CoronaVirus, to deliver the necessary items, free of cost, at the doors of the downtrodden people of our country. The individuals and some #communities marked by the #GP will not be required to leave their homes as our trained staff is taking care of their basic needs in a more #hygienic and safe way.


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