General Petroleum (GP) Achieves OEM Approval from Volkswagen for GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 Engine Oil


General Petroleum (GP), a leading manufacturer of premium lubricants, is proud to announce that its GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 engine oil has received official OEM approval from Volkswagen, one of the world’s foremost automotive manufacturers.
Volkswagen is known for its stringent standards and uncompromising commitment to quality, making OEM approval from the renowned automaker a significant achievement for GP. The endorsement underscores the superior performance, reliability, and compatibility of GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 engine oil with Volkswagen vehicles.
“This endorsement reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional products that meet the exacting standards of leading automotive manufacturers like Volkswagen.”
Achieving OEM approval from Volkswagen involved extensive research, development, and testing to ensure that GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 engine oil meets Volkswagen’s stringent requirements for lubricant performance, compatibility, and longevity. The rigorous testing process included assessments for lubrication performance, viscosity stability, thermal resistance, and compatibility with Volkswagen’s advanced engine technologies.
The approval from Volkswagen provides Volkswagen owners with the assurance that GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 engine oil is specifically endorsed by the manufacturer for use in their vehicles. This endorsement signifies optimal engine protection, performance, and efficiency, contributing to the longevity and reliability of Volkswagen vehicles.
For GP, achieving OEM approval from Volkswagen represents a significant milestone in its commitment to excellence and innovation in lubricant technology. The endorsement strengthens GP position as a trusted provider of high-quality lubricants, further enhancing the brand’s reputation and credibility within the automotive industry.
GP Petrogen Fully Synthetic 5W40 engine oil is engineered to deliver superior protection and performance in Volkswagen vehicles, ensuring optimal engine health and efficiency even under the most demanding driving conditions.
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GP Petrogen is a leading manufacturer of premium lubricants, committed to delivering superior products engineered to meet the diverse needs of automotive enthusiasts and professionals. With a focus on innovation, quality, and performance, GP Petrogen continues to set new standards in lubricant technology, providing reliable solutions for today’s vehicles.

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