GLYCOGEN BRAKE FLUID DOT-3   formulated as non-petroleum chemical fluids for use in the hydraulic brake and clutch system of automotive vehicles. They possess high boiling points and low pour points. They do not affect natural or synthetic rubber washers. They offer protection against corrosion and rusting of metal parts.


GLYCOGEN BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 meets or exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications:

  • FMVSS 116 DOT 3
  • SAE J1704
  • ISO 4925 Class 3


GLYCOGEN BRAKE FLUID DOT 3 is based on polyethylene glycol ether technology to provide the highest level of brake and clutch performance in modern as well as older model automotive and commercial vehicles. Key features and benefits include:

  • Consistent and safe brake performance under severe braking pressure.
  • Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum.
  • Extended life and reliability of brake system components.


Sr. No Characteristics
1 Density @ 15, kg/ cu m 1.06
2 ERBP, °C 246
3 WET ERBP, °C 148
4 Viscosity @ 100 °C, cSt 2.0
5 PH Value 9.7
6 Cu-Corrosion Test @ 100°C, 120 Hrs PASSES

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