GREASGEN – HT GREASE EP 2 combines excellent multi-purpose properties with a high dropping point, giving the grease application over a wide temperature range. Formulated with synthetic base oils, it provides excellent protection, durability and performance in extreme conditions to lubricate a wide variety of equipment in the automotive, agriculture, marine, construction and mining industries.


  • Premium quality synthetic lithium complex grease
  • EP/Anti-wear additives + corrosion/oxidation inhibitors provide excellent protection and minimize wear under severe conditions to extend grease life
  • NLGI GC-LB rated for use as a lubricant for the drive shaft, chassis, and wheel bearings
  • Highly water washout resistant and water insoluble
  • Extremely stable lithium complex formula retains its consistency, even under high temperature and high load conditions


Sr. No Characteristics HT EP-2
1 Appearance Smooth
2 Thickener Type Lithium Complex
3 Viscosity: @ 40°C, cSt 538
4 Worked 60 Penetration 265-295
5 Dropping Point, °C > 260
6 Wheel Bearing Leakage, rating Pass
7 Water Washout, % loss 2.5 @ 80°C
8 Rust Prevention, rating Pass
8 Timken OK Load, lb. 80
8 Four-Ball EP Weld Point, kgf 315

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