GP GREASGEN LITHIUM MP 2 & MP3 is a high quality, lithium grease suitable for a wide range of applications. It is available in NLGI 2 and 3 consistencies. They are formulated for use in automotive equipment and general lubrication for use in temperatures up to 120°C and where water contamination can be present.

The high quality base oils used in the manufacture of these greases have good resistance to oxidation and because of their low pour point, they provide lubrication at temperatures down to -20°C.


GREASGEN MP 2 & 3 minimizes wear under normal bearing load conditions and resists water wash-out, especially where equipment is constantly working under damp or wet conditions. It is also effective over a wide temperature range and protects against rust and corrosion where vehicles are lubricated by centralized grease systems.


  • Resistance to water washout.
  • Suitability in wide temperature ranges.
  • Good pump ability.
  • Good mechanism stability.
  • Multifunctional use.


Sr. No Characteristics MP-2 MP-3
1 Soap Type Lithium Lithium
2 Appearance Yellow Yellow
3 Worked Penetration @ 25°C 265-290 220-250
4 Dropping Point °C 184 194
5 Corrosion to copper strip Negative Negative
6 Texture Smooth Smooth