Marine Cylinder Oil specially designed for the latest range of Super Long Stroke Low Speed 2-stroke
Marine Diesel Engines using High Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). It meets the higher performance
standards required of CAT II cylinder oils by MAN ES, particularly for piston cleanliness and deposit
Product Description:
GP MARGEN MARINE 50140 (GS) is an extended base number quality Marine Cylinder Lubricant
(MCL) designed for the latest generation of super long stroke low speed crosshead diesel engines operating
on residual fuels having sulphur content in excess of 1%. This oil is specially developed for de-rated diesel
engines operating with higher brake mean effective pressures (bmep), the longest stroke length and Tier II
compliance. This oil is formulated to SAE 50 viscosity grade with a base number (BN) of 140. This oil
possesses outstanding acid neutralizing and detergency capability, assuring excellent engine cleanliness,
minimal piston ring back face deposits, protection against cold corrosion and extended time between
overhauls (TBO).


Features & Benefits:
• MAN ES & WIN G&D approved formulation.
• Increased acid neutralizing capability.
• Higher BN for increased acid neutralization capability and OEM’s specified residual BN reserve in scrape
down oil.
• Increased detergency minimizes deposits on critical components viz. pistons, piston rings, ring grooves
and cylinder ports.
• Anti-wear property contributes to reduced piston ring & cylinder liner wear.
• Good compatibility with all normal seal materials.
• Recommended for cylinder lubrication of MAN Mk 8.2 to Mk 9.6 & Mk 10.5 engines and Wartsila RTFlex & W-X engines especially for the more severe characteristics of de-rated engines, slow steaming and
using residual fuels with sulphur contents in excess of 1%.
• Lower feed rates are usually possible using high BN MCL. The minimum feed rates recommended by
the OEM should be maintained. During running-in the OEM recommended feed rates must be observed.
• Periodic inspection of liner surface condition and MCL scrape down analysis is essential to ensure low
wear rates and extended TBO. Switching from 85BN or 100BN to 140BN MCL is recommended where
there is evidence of cold corrosion or when using the correct cylinder oil feed rate the residual BN in the
scrape down oil is continuously lower than the manufacturers limit (normally a minimum of 20BN)


Sr. No Characteristics Test Method Results
01 SAE 50
02 TBN 140
03 Viscosity @ 100 0C, cSt D 445 19.72
04 Viscosity Index D 2270 120
05 Flash Point, 0C D 92 234
06 BN, mg KOH/g D 2896 140
07 Pour Point, 0C D 97 -9
08 Density @ 15 0C, kg/l D 4052 0.972