GP SYNCROGEN FULLY SYNTHETIC CVT FLUID is formulated for today continuously variable transmission, covering a broad range of transmission configurations. It is recommended for use in most belt and chain- driven continuously variable transmissions.

It provides smoother, consistent all weather step-less shifting, and all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components to help extend transmission service life and provide a smooth driving experience. Highly recommended for refill of pulley-based continuously variable transmissions in Japanese and Korean designed vehicles where it emphasis on Anti Shudder Durability performance.


SYNCROGEN FULLY SYNTHETIC CVT FLUID is designed for use in most modern CVT applications including (but not limited to):

  • Nissan (NS-II, NS-III)
  • Toyota/Lexus (Fluid TC; Fluid FE)
  • Mitsubishi (SP-III)
  • BMW (EZL 799)
  • Honda Multimatic (HMMF)


  • Outstanding metal-to-metal friction performances: Syncrogen CVT provides high static and dynamic metal friction performances and has demonstrated very stable friction performances during endurance tests. These outstanding performances provide intended fuel economy benefits and increased the durability of both, the fluid and the gearbox.
  • Improved anti-shudder durability: This performs excellent wet clutch performance with less noise, vibration and hardness. That’s why CVT equipped with either a torque converter clutch or a wet start clutch.
  • Superior wear protection on both push-belt and pulleys elements and very good scuffing resistance on gears.
  • Excellent low temperature properties provide easier start-ups and improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
  • Very good thermal and oxidation stability for long and consistent temperature performance.


Sr. No Characteristics
1 Appearance B & C
2 Color Red
3 Density @ 15 C, g/ml 0.85
4 Viscosity @ 40 C, cSt 34.52
5 Viscosity @ 100 C, cSt 7.22
6 Viscosity Index 180
7 Flash Point, COC, C 220
8 Pour Point, C -42