Marine cylinder oil is formulated for low sulphur residual fuel blends and distillates.
Product Description:
GP MARGEN MARINE 5040 (GSX) has been developed to cope with sludge and deposit forming
tendencies of certain blended fuels. These fuels have lower corrosion potential but may tend to form more
deposits. The cylinder oil is formulated to have enhanced detergency properties and excellent dispersancy,
wear and oxidation resistance properties. GP MARGEN MARINE 5040 (GSX) is approved for the latest 2-
stroke low speed crosshead engines operating at higher BMEP and liner temperatures.


Features & Benefits:
• Advanced detergency properties minimise deposits and the formation of sludges, protecting against piston
ring stick and ring groove deposits.
• Lower ash forming formulation, avoids crown land deposit formation, even when running of very low
sulphur fuels.
• Excellent anti-wear properties similar to the characteristic low cylinder liner wear of the GP MARGEN
MARINE range of cylinder oils.
• Tested and compatible with all standard seal materials.
• High levels of ring pack cleanliness and anti-wear enables extended time between piston overhauls.
• Cylinder lubrication of the latest, highly rated low speed crosshead marine diesel engines operating on
blended residual fuels and distillates with sulphur below 0.50%.
• The feed rates as recommended by the manufacturer should be maintained and in accordance with engine
operating conditions. Higher feed rates may be required for running-in.
• GP MARGEN MARINE is suitable for use in vessels running on MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14
compliant fuels with maximum sulphur of 0.50%.


Sr. No Characteristics Test Method Results
01 SAE 50
02 TBN 40
03 Viscosity @ 100 0C, cSt D 445 19.9
04 Viscosity Index D 2270 105
05 Flash Point, 0C D 92 270
06 BN, mg KOH/g D 2896 40
07 Pour Point, 0C D 97 -18
08 Density @ 15 0C, kg/l D 4052 0.9161